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erotic stories
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Icon17 Sumiko’s joyful blossom.

The reason why young Sumiko did not have a dedicated suitor as yet was the fact she helped her parents in their tiny fish store that specialized in gourmet delights from under the sea. It was not because she was too busy to waste time on allowing a young man to court her. It certainly was not because she lacked longing for the touch of a male hand on her feverish young girlish flesh. Quite simply, it was because she carried with her the odor of fish no matter how hard she tried to wash the scent from her perfectly formed body.

Thus it was that this fair maiden was truly unbroken into the ways of manly pleasures even now on her twentieth birthday party. That was a matter of concern not only to her but to her parents as well. They knew the reason why young men shunned their beautiful daughter but they were far too hesitant to confide in her the reason for her lack of gentlemanly attention. Her kindly grandfather with his wobbly cane and long white beard attempted to broach the subject with her but it really didn't go anywhere because Sumiko was too busy to take much notice.

On a busy Saturday afternoon, two young foreign sailors wandered into the combination fish store and Sushi restaurant to try out the taste of the local catch. The sailor with the darkened skin tone wrinkled his nose but still managed to experiment with succulent dishes and down a few tiny cups of the potent Saki. His partner was a huge young lad of Swedish heritage. A sea traveler derived from generations in the making. He ate an astonishing quantity of the delicious treats and spent most of his time trying to get a bit closer to the powerful smelling Sumiko. His friend was astonished at his disregard for the potent scent fully unaware that his companion was without the sense of smell from birth due to a genetic problem that no doctor could solve.

Sumiko was beside herself with joy because she finally had a handsome male paying proper attention to her feminine assets. Her parents were equally as astonished because she fair reeked with the weekend’s catch from head to toe. The Swedish sailor was gifted with overly sensitive sense of taste which compensated for his loss of scent. He shared a tasty morsel of fish with little Sumiko and managed to get the taste of her beautiful lips on his tongue. He was filled with excitement and longing to make her flesh part of his own. She too was filled with the desire to have the huge sailor cleave unto her with that sort of manly emotion that opens up the female bud and causes her to blossom like a fresh flower in the morning dew.

The girl’s nipples were dancing with desire fully extended and seeking a natural solution to their longing. She was panting for the touch of the sailor’s lips in all those places that a young girl dreams of. Her unshaven and pulsating female slit was quivering with the need for his manly equipment buried deep inside her vaginal channel. She was uncertain how to make it happen for she had no experience at all but her parents told her to simply lay back and let nature take its course.

Soon the handsome sailor was sailing in her still waters and then navigating up her fast running current through her furious waterfall and came to rest in her pool of tranquil water draining his Northern seeds into her waiting hidden places like flotsam seeking the high water mark. She giggled; she cried and finally, sighed with the satisfaction of a fully blossomed female basking in the light of male attention. She implored him to cruise again and again on her channels of happy pleasure and he did so without any reticence from her fishy stench. In fact, she tasted like the divine goddess he wanted to bring home to his mother and display as his wife.

The love between Sumiko and her foreign sailor man grew and flourished and eventually they were joined together in matrimony and she went with him to his distant home to meet his parents. Everything was in perfect harmony except for the fact poor Sumiko had been unable to rid her body of the fish aroma that made her the best friend of any stray cat in the neighborhood. Fortunately, the husband’s home was across the street from a fish factory and at first the family thought the odor was coming from the fish factory on the gentle breezes from the nearby harbor.

Hans was enthralled with his new wife and announced they would soon have an addition to the family. His mother was concerned because when she took the beautiful Sumiko to the marketplace, the odor that trailed behind her was too startling to ignore. It was lucky for Sumiko that her new mother-in-law had worked many years in the fish factory as had her mother before her. She had hidden away a supply of special soap that dispelled the fish odor and made her skin smell like newly blossomed flowers similar to the essence of “Petrichor” right after the sprinkling of dew from the heavens.

Sumiko showered and allowed her mother-in-law to scrub her body from head to toe. They even worked the soap into her hair as a shampoo and rubbed the shaft shaped nubbin into her openings to make them sparkle with new-found delight.

When she came down to the dinner table, her husband noticed no difference but the rest of the relieved family had huge smiles on their faces in appreciation for the mother’s secret weapon. The beautiful young girl radiated the fresh blossoms of springtime making her attractive to one and all and not just the scent-handicapped husband and the cats that followed her everywhere. The cats went away for lack of motivation and soon the mother-to-be prepared for the birth of her newborn.

Little Yushi was the apple of her father’s eye. She was most vociferous but that didn’t bother anybody. They all declared she was the spitting image of her father and bound to be much taller than her diminutive mother who now smelled of blossoming flowers just like those in the garden and out growing wild in the fields around the village.

They went back to Sumiko’s fishing village where her handsome husband took his father-in-law’s boat out into the waters of the great sea to hunt for tasty fish to fill the bellies of the hungry men-folk of the village.

Sumiko continued to work in the restaurant but now she was besieged with various offers from the men in the village who became aware of her blossomed flower and lack of odor. She was perplexed because it was part of her nature to obey a man’s wishes even if not her husband. Being an unusual female of simple thought processes she went first to her mother for advice and was directed to her husband for his directions.

Sumiko’s husband was a bit upset at first but then he acknowledged she had no guilt and was merely trying to be a good wife and a pleasant hostess to the customers of the restaurant. Knowing her almost obsessed liking for anal pursuits, he told her to offer her plump backside to the ardent males now after her honey but to save her slit for him only and the production of additional members of the household.

This seemed like a very sensible solution to Sumiko and she bathed long with the special soap and prepared her rear door with lubricants for the service of customers requiring tight hole along with their Sushi. The restaurant prospered as more and more townsmen became addicted to the tasty treats from the sea and the addicting treats provided by Sumiko. She did her best to hide her kinky appreciation for anal stretching but the village males were totally obsessed.

The other village females became a bit jealous of the beautiful Sumiko remembering how terrible her smell was for so many years. Now that she was a sweet-smelling blossomed flower she had become the focus of many married men’s frenzied cocks and the population figures of the village began to decline for the first time in history. It simply could not go on with so many females sporting neglected pussies and disinterested spouses waiting for their next ride on Sumiko’s flanks.

A mean-spirited neighbor wife with seven children who wanted an eighth child before her eggs were too old for production slipped into the home of Sumiko. The silent female searched until she found her stash of special soap that absorbed the odor of the fish. She smiled an evil look of devilish satisfaction and stole it all hiding it under her robes. The miracle soap was all Sumiko had to ward off the curse of the fish odor that surrounded the obedient woman’s life like chains making her an object of derision.

The new smelly Sumiko was no longer popular with the male folk of the village much to the delight of their spouses. Her husband noticed no difference since his nasal passages were quite inoperative. She walked with more ease as her sphincter slowly returned to normal size and soon her swollen belly made her forget her anal phase of meeting her male neighbors. The fact that she was such an obedient and pleasant person made real friends overlook her olfactory shortcomings and they sought her company to hear her musical voice and bask in her shining smile of friendship.

There came a day when the entire family moved inland to work a small farm inherited from grandparents. The days in the fishing village were forgotten and Sumiko gradually resumed a normal aroma of a healthy nubile female with a husband and children. She crushed the wild flowers and made her own soap causing many around her to remark how nicely she cast a sweet smell of womanly mystery to all who were fortunate enough to draw close into her circle.

She did miss the anal pleasures of her Sushi restaurant days but managed to find a few married men with wives of sour dispositions who took upon themselves the task of satisfying that particular itch with successful results. Her husband was never one to be envious of her anal activities since he was not one that found that entryway of much interest. Sometimes he would pause in his work in the garden to hear her sounds of anal copulation wafting like the scent of pleasure into his curious ears far below. He had grown used to her repetitive grunts and groans and could easily identify exactly where her suitor was in the buggering cycle and how long before she would give out that long shuddering growl of completion that meant she had received the liquid gift inside her gut. He thought it all a rather undignified hobby for his wife but she was so obedient in all other matters that he allowed her this kinky pastime that never failed to bring a glow to her cheeks both upper and lower and made her receptive to his own sometimes less innocent needs.

It came to pass that fish seldom entered their kitchen and Sumiko had developed an aversion to the stuff that mystified others around her who still valued the protein it offered to their daily diet. Her children grew up in a fish-free household and for a long time they considered a fish-eater as some sort of disciple of the devil until a wise teacher advised them of their superstitious misunderstanding.

The scent of fish on her children’s guilty lips made Sumiko uncomfortable but she was too passive to question their eating habits outside the house and pretended she was totally unaware. Her husband, of course, could not distinguish fish from fowl and smiled with benign ignorance in all matters just like well-trained spouses all over the world.
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