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erotic stories
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Icon17 Orgasmic shower with Thomas by erotic stories.

One ordinary and humid Friday, I went to shower while Thomas went out for a while. I was in the shower scrubbing myself and enjoying the lather running down from my shoulder down to my breast when I heard the soft click of the main door when Thomas came in. I smiled to myself having this naughty thought that somehow it would bring across to him. Then in that moment I felt that I wasn’t alone anymore in the room. I had this triumphant smile in my face when I greeted him and I saw the devilish grin he had on his face as he joined me under the shower.

He slammed me gently into the shower wall as he started to kiss and nibble on my neck and grinding his hard dick into my belly. I could feel his hardness in appreciation of what he’d seen. I felt this rush of adrenalin knowing how he wants me.

“Oooooooh! Thomas, that feels so good.” Yes like many others my weak spot is my neck especially when he nibbles me, my soft hairs all standing from the tip of my fingers to my toes, that’s how he affects me. His touches alone are a major turn on for me. He grabs my waist and turns me around so my back is to him. My arms pinned above my head holding them in place, placing both wrist in one of his hand, he slowly lowers the other hand. He slides it down my arm to my shoulder moving my hair out of the way so he can kiss me hungrily and with urgency. I feel the hot wetness of his tongue sliding inside my mouth in and out, teasing me, and feeding me, and it all sending tingles down to my spine. My knee start shaking and my legs get wobbly.

“Please” I whisper barely loud enough for him to hear me. All I want is to feel the fullness of him inside of me.

“Please what, my Bitch?” he said against my earlobe. I feel the goose bump spread all over me and my nipples harden even more.


“Please what?”

“Oh Thomas, just do it. Come inside please, fuck me now” I told him in aggravation. He always makes me beg for what I want.

“Not yet Bitch, but I will soon, I promise,” he chuckled softly while sliding his hand to my breast grabbing hold of one of my hardened nipples between his fingers, rolling it back and forth then flicking his finger tip back and forth and squeezed the it hard, I jerk with the instant sensation as I feel my wetness running down along the water gently sprinkling both of us. He presses his body against mine because I almost went down. I can feel how excited he is in this position; I love the feel of him at my back. I love to feel his hard dick pressed to my ass sliding up and down between my ass cheeks. And that is exactly what he is doing, circling and pushing his hips against my ass causing me to get wild with anticipation. I push my ass to him and he pushes me back. No longer tweaking my nipple, he let go of my wrist and both hands hold my waist as he position himself to enter me. I feel his dick slide looking for the tight hole of my pussy as I bend my waist a bit to welcome his entry. Short pushes at first then it became long to increase in tempo as if we are in orchestra going and growing in high and higher note.

“Yes, Yes Thomas harder and harder” I moan as he thrust in and out as he kisses and bites my shoulder alternately. And he pulls away his cock and mouth suddenly and I cry out with frustrations at him.

“Please, please, please Dammit!! Come back I beg you please come back”. I was fuckingly begging him and I felt him lean into me, his chest to my back and his lips to my ear.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh, oh yes my Bitch, that’s what I love to hear from you… begging”.

He came back and started to thrusting inside me again with a long deep thrust, he was slamming into me. Pushing me so hard against the wall that my wetness all coming down, I am even welcoming his every thrust.

“Oh yes Bitch, fuck yourself, that’s it!!!” then he grabbed my waist again and bend me over away from the wall and feeling my muscle tight he knows that I am on the edge now. He didn’t want me to go yet I knew that, but it was right there aching to boil over. He wrapped his arms around my waist thrusting harder and faster hitting the spot over and over. That hard little bundle of nerves that gets a beating makes me freaking moan as the Bitch that I am, but that’s what turns him on even more. The louder I moan the rougher he gets and damn I love it rough.

“Ohhhhhhh yes, moan for me baby” Thomas panted while he was pounding vigorously in me, leaning closer to me.

“Oh Victoria, your tightness milking me so good I’m gonna go now, let’s do it together baby, I can’t hold any longer, shhhhhiiiiit!!! I am coming , ahhhhhhhhh, fuck!” I felt him thrust three more times deeply and losing his control with the tightening of my pussy around his dick, I come too at the same time feeling myself all trembling with the bliss of what’s happening. His body jerked as he sank deeper into me and pulls away as he showered me with his warm cum. He threw his head back and arched his back as he unloaded out the last of his release. I looked up at him and saw how flushed his face and all I could do is to smile at him.

“That was a fanfuckingtastic shower I had” I breathe out with shaking voice.

“Yes it was” he smiled breathlessly.
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