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Niche: Big Tits
Genre: Romance

Katsuragi?s grandfather dies right after the start of summer break. In his will, his grandfather requests that Katsuragi become a butler for the Tsuburatera family. While going about his duties, he walks in on Kotoha furiously masturbating. feeling that her fingers aren?t getting the job done she seduces Katsuragi and requests that he become her personal butler, to which he happily agrees. And so begins the love affair of butler and mistress, but when an equally busty and horny schoolgirl sets her sights on Katsuragi, he soon finds himself questioning the true meaning of his relationship with Kotoha.

Size: 115Mb Duration: 0:27:23 Format: avi Resolution: 704x396

Lang: Japan
Subs: No
Cens: Yes

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