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Default Femdom video (717)

Who Do You work For

Run Time 9

Size 282 MB

Resolution 1280 x 720 px

Catherine discovered someone snooping around in her office, and she has determined that he is spying for a competing company. So she was able to drug him, drag him off

to a secluded room where she strapped him to a table and where she will use tickle torture as a way to get the information as to who he is working for. And that's where the

video starts, with Mike already strapped to the table. Catherine tells him that she knows what he's up to and begins asking him who he works for. She tickles his upperbody

and feet and laughs and struggles against the restraints that are around his wrists and ankles. After several minutes of asking him who he works for while tickle torturing

him, Mike finally confesses. Then, Catherine decides to pull his boxers down to his knees, and with the help of lube, she jerks Mike off until he has a BIG cumshot! After he

cums, Catherine teases and tortures the extra sensitive head of Mike's cock. He moans and thrashes and grimaces as cruel Catherine uses her hands and nails to make

Mike's cock head suffer!

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Mother Fucker - Handjob

Run Time 9

Size 60 MB

Resolution 640 x 480 px

My son had a stressful day & I want to make him feel better! So I stroke his hard little dick, while kissing away his stress - like only a mommie can do! I tickle his balls &

jerk his cock off - until cum gushes out over & over!! Then I have a little taste of his sweet cum...

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