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Default ASM Pomsun HD

ASM Pomsun HD

Sanctimonious little short haired bitch always gave me dirty looks whenever she saw me bringing one of my usual slappers up to my room, like she did not approve of this dirty foreigner with all the filthy street sluts. Don't really know what she was doing at the apartment complex, but she was often there in a clean crisp white blouse and short neat hair. And she looked down on me and everyone. Well it turns out that she is as bigger slut as any girl. I still don't know what she does there, and I am not even sure about her name. I did ask her, but could not make out what she said. But with very little encouragement, she did follow me around the corridors with little on, give me a good blowjob in the stairwell, and generally exhibit herself better than most professional sperm sluts from the slums. She squeaked a bit when I fucked her, which I do not understand, but it all makes a great high def video.

File Name : 2015092501.pomsun.hd.mp4
File Size : 2521.68 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080
Duration : 00:22:06

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