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Minka - Mega-Boobs Office (16.10.07.)

Minka should have taken the executive job offered her at SC0RE. Instead, she opted for a job at an office closer to home. The only problem is the manager has the personality of a high school vice principal and doesn't understand why Minka is making photocopies of her mega-boobs and working at her desk with her 44KK bra exposed, revealing yards of cleavage. In her own special, funny, horny way, she straightens him out and teaches him about her style of office politics. This office now belongs to Minka. SC0RELAND: Hi, Minka. It's great to have you back. The fans never stop asking for you. The last time you were in our studio was when? Minka: Almost five years ago. 2011.


Categories: RolePlay, Old & Young, Mature, Blowjob, Big Tits, All Sex

Duration: 00:15:28
File Size: 898 MB
Video: 1920x1080, mp4

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