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Title: August 22, 2016 - Steve Holmes, Juan Lucho, Nora Barcelona, Silvia Rubi

Duration: 00:44:53
File size: 1646 Mb
Format: mp4

Nora The Naughty Bitch - Part 1
Nora Barcelona is a sweet, petite Spanish beauty, eager to be put in her slutty place. Silvia Rubi marches her out into the rain and puts her in handcuffs where Nora's made to perform like a dog. She plays fetch, begs for food from strangers, and ultimately endures a humiliating public spanking and flogging.

Naughty Bitch Gets Her Bone - Part 2
Nora Barcelona is brought to a dive bar, fresh from being humiliated by Silvia Rubi in a rainy public square. Finally, the bone Nora's been begging for is given to her, but not before she works for it. Nora is spanked, shocked and paddled in front of a rowdy crowd until her ass is beet-red and white-hot, then she's handed over to a bar patron to be fucked in front of everyone, fisted in her hungry pussy by Silvia, and finally filled with two cocks and doused with hot cum. Once Nora's been utterly used, she's led outside wearing nothing but shoes, and taken for a walk, naked through the city streets.

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