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Default Classic movie 220

Title: Wham! Bam! Thank You, Spaceman!

Year: 1975

Country: USA

Alternate Titles: Erotic Encounters of the Fourth Kind

Incontri erotici del quarto tipo

Erotic Encounters of the Best Kind

Gelul uit de ruimte

Director: William A. Levey

Starring: Jay Rasumny, Samual Mann, John Ireland, Dyanne Thorne, Mendel Pincus, Robert George, Anne Gaybis, Marius Mazmanian, Maria Arnold, Bo Tackman, April Grant, Tallie Cochrane, Jerry Mills, Valda Hansen, Sandy Carey

Time: 01:24:36

Size: 699 Mb

Resolution: 512x384

Type of file: AVI

About: Because their planet will be destroyed in 500 years, two goofy-looking aliens (with big bulbous heads, long protuberant tongues and limp balloons for ears) land on Earth and commence Operation Procreation with a stroll down Hollywood Boulevard. Liking what they see, the two extraterrestrials then do what extraterrestrials do best- abduct Earth Women for some quick, cheap flying saucer sex! Among the oddball side effects: the women are returned to Earth transformed into sexual dynamos, and, nine months later, a baby alien is born...

A crackpot adult comedy from the director of Blackenstein and producer Harry Novak (Please Don't Eat My Mother!), WHAM! BAM! THANK YOU SPACEMAN! is the science fiction equivalent of a dirty joke, complete with a bevy of Hollywood beauties - including cult fave Dyanne Thorne (Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS) and Ed Wood starlet Valda Hansen (Night of the Ghouls) - as well as the non-hit disco tune, "You're my UFO Romeo!"


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