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Default BD116 Encasement Games

Title:BD116 Encasement Games

Cast: Star

About video: Star is encased in pantyhose. Her ankle is folded to her thigh and pantyhose tightly bind the leg to itself in a nylon cocoon. A tight hug that makes most people feel comforted - is entirely violating to our blonde beauty. Leather is added as an extra measure of security. Her hands, wrists, and neck are too wrapped in tight leather and secured to the bar at her shoulders. Her face gets the same treatment. Fortunately for Star, her tongue is pierced. A jennings gag is added and Claire ties her toungue to her nipple clamps... bitch won't have an opinion now or ever in that predicament. Out comes the cane and the cattle prod. Worked over in her little safe harbor of nylon, this bitch breaks early on... the perfect state to be in for her next predicament.

Keys: bdsm, bondage, spanking, torture, domination

Video size:865Mb
Video duration:1:19:14
Video resolution:960x540
Video extension:mp4

Download File BD116 Encasement Games Part 1
Download File BD116 Encasement Games Part 2
Download File BD116 Encasement Games Part 3
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