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Default 3D BDSM Rain DeGrey Sep 21 2016

3D BDSM Rain DeGrey Sep 21 2016

Duration : 1:07:05
File Size : 2568Mb
Resolution : 1280x720
Format : mkv

Cast: Rain DeGrey
Studio: Paintoy
Genre: 3D Stereo, 3D Porn, 3D H-SBS, BDSM, Torture, Spanking, Humiliation, Pain

Description: We just wanted to systematically taken her apart - bit by bit. She just stood there and lifted her dress while flashing that million dollar smile- oh and those big tits, the way they came popping out of her little black dress to say -please hurt me as much as humanly possible- So we do just that. We bind, crush and begin destroy her fat jugs almost immediately. Tie those fun bags up tight with a rope and whip the hell out of them, perhaps crop her sensitive nipples until they bruise and bleed.

We fry the inside of Ms. DeGrey's fuck hole with our trusty Folsom unit. Her screams are like music that keep Alebeard amused. He teaches many-a-painslut this same song. Once her cum pocket is electrified, Alebeard pounds it with his trusty crop to test for tenderness. Purely for science of course.

Rain receives every form of pain and cruelty Alebeard has to offer and even has an unexpected visit from Elise Graves who first ties up Rain and then stands with her to suffer some whip lashing. Ms. DeGrey's tits are left covered with angry, welts that will remind her of her visit for some time to come. She seems to be -out of order- by the end of her visit.

All in all, this video is fucking excellent and Rain DeGrey is a joy to make scream or cry, or cum or all of the above. Enjoy! ---> 3D BDSM Rain DeGrey Sep 21 2016 Part 1 ---> 3D BDSM Rain DeGrey Sep 21 2016 Part 2 ---> 3D BDSM Rain DeGrey Sep 21 2016 Part 3

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