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Default 3D BDSM Lily Lane Sep 23 2016

3D BDSM Lily Lane Sep 23 2016

Duration : 0:37:48
File Size : 1442Mb
Resolution : 1280x720
Format : mkv

Cast: Lily Lane
Studio: InfernalRestraints
Genre: 3D Stereo, 3D Porn, 3D H-SBS, BDSM, Humiliation, Torture

Description: Lily Lane is absolutely, totally trapped. Her wrists are held together by handcuffs, her ankles are held together by handcuffs. Hell, she didn't even know that there were cuffs big enough to hold her thighs together, but here she is: living proof. Her entire body is held in place by metal and all that she can do is to lie there and whimper as O.T. comes to her to cut the bit of clothing she has off her body.

Lily is one of the bendiest girls O.T. has ever seen and he seems intent on taking complete advantage of that fact. He takes her and bends her legs all the way back so that her feet are way above her head, and then locks her down so there is no way for her to wiggle out of the position. With Lily folded in half like this it gives O.T. the perfect opportunity to get at that pussy of hers, which he knows is just begging to be played with.

O.T. takes out the hitachi, the most powerful handheld vibrator we have, and presses it right on her clit. Then, with his other hand, he starts finger fucking the life out of her. Lily is moaning and crying out and it looks like she's about to cum. And then it happens. She starts squirting all over the place like a fountain. More specifically, because of the position that she is in, Lily starts squirting all over her own face. She's cum drunk and humiliated, and O.T. hasn't even brought out the hook yet. ---> 3D BDSM Lily Lane Sep 23 2016 Part 1 ---> 3D BDSM Lily Lane Sep 23 2016 Part 2

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