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Karmen Karma
Cheating is Fun!

Let's face it, you're never going to bring Karmen Karma home to meet mom. Look at her: tats everywhere, silicone-inflated fun bags, and she wears her Slvt Badge proud. Let's face it: this is why you're in lust with her. Karmen's one of those girls who will let you have your way with her... anything you want is fair game. ANYTHING. Bust a nut on her face? Check. Smack those titties around? Check. Call her filthy names whilst fucking her? Check. Choke her out til she passes out? Check. You get the idea. So it's no surprise Karmen's cheating on Hubby with you, and it's no surprise this filthy wh0re has the dirtiest mouth in town. And that's why you love her so!

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