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fersoron 12-17-2014 08:48 AM

[K2S&RG] Torture, bondage, whipping, humilation
Title: Dec 15, 2014 Cherry Torn | Matt Williams | Jack Hammer | Owen Gray

Duration: 00:12:48
File size: 641 Mb
Format: mp4

Cherry Cherry Cherry. This legendary all natural big breasted blonde brings an equally booming butt to the table, as well as an undeniable love of the cock. She actually got into porn so that she could have access to bigger and better cock, a decision that is paying off well today. We have not one but three big hard cocks for this cockslut.

Bound in incredibly effective but simple rope bondage, Cherry is where she was born to be. On her knees. Her full natural breasts jut out from the thin leather cord that tightly binds them. Nipple clamps bite down on those puffy nipples. A black ballgag keeps those blow job lips cranked open wide. This is one of the sexiest face holes that a cock could possibly hope to come across. Three big hard cocks walk up, remove the ballgag and make themselves at home.

It is an overloading of the senses. The tight bondage keeps Cherry firmly in place as all three hard cocks fight to get at her mouth hole. They surround her head as Cherry is lost in a forest of hard cock. She drools helplessly as the dicks own her mouth and quickly falls down into sexual subspace. That glassy, blissful look on Cherry’s face is testament just how much this slut loves the dick. She is in cock heaven.

What does a happy slut look like? Bound drooling and makeup destroyed. Once we have used her to our satisfaction, we reinsert the ballgag on our messy pet. She remains there tied to the floor, restrained and dizzy until we want another crack at her. We will be back later my dear...
Tags: Big Breasts, Big Butt, Big Dick, Black Ball Gag, Black Boots, Black Cock, Blonde, Blue Eyes, Breast Bondage, Breast Harness, Crotch Rope, Deep Throat, Drool, Interracial, Nipple Clamps, Pale Skin, Short Hair


fersoron 12-17-2014 08:49 AM

Title: She Seems Upset - Adrian Maya

Duration: 00:11:42
File size: 105 Mb
Format: mp4

Adrian waits, bound on the floor with very little patience...she really seems upset...Damon, probably annoyed with all the fuss she's making, enters to strip and fondle her...a proper inspection for their first meeting...he then reties her with less wiggle room..


fersoron 12-17-2014 09:49 AM

Title: Dec 16, 2014 - Danny Wylde and Syren de Mer

Duration: 01:19:36
File size: 870 Mb
Format: mp4

WE ARE REPOSTING THIS SHOOT AS A MIDWEEK UPDATE. A NEW UPDATE WILL BE POSTED ON FRIDAY AS USUAL. In this taboo fantasy update, Syren de Mer is visited by Danny who she hasn't seen in years and is running from the law. She reluctantly lets him stay for a few days and things start to get a bit crazy when she tells him that he was adopted. Syren crosses the line when she takes advantage of him one afternoon by sucking his cock and making him cum. The next morning Danny decides to punish her for screwing with him and ravishes her in the kitchen. He then ties her up and from this point on she becomes his cock whore slave to be abused and fucked in the ass whenever and however he wants!


fersoron 12-17-2014 03:44 PM

Title: Dec 16, 2014 - Lea Lexis, Alex Chance and AJ Applegate

Duration: 01:12:28
File size: 794 Mb
Format: mp4

Big ass and big tits anal sluts get stretched open and penetrated deep. Aj Applegate and Alex Chance try a number of kinky anal activities including anal speculum, depth penetration, crowning, strap-on, ass licking and more!


fersoron 12-17-2014 11:20 PM

Title: Dec 16, 2014 - Lyla Storm, Matt Williams, Jack Hammer

Duration: 00:16:31
File size: 896 Mb
Format: mp4

In the third and final part of Lyla Storm's live BaRS show, it is all about the ass. We have used her amazing mouth and tight pussy, it is time to take a crack at that flawless ass. Bound with belts in a classic fuck me position, her perfectly pedicured toes point up to the ceiling and her mouth hangs over the edge of the table. Both ends are wide open and ready for use.

And use them we do. We sink home balls deep into that endlessly impressive mouth as another cock steps up and takes the other side. Lyla is turned into the sexy meat in a cock sandwich. Her makeup was long ago wrecked and as she is punishingly facefucked it becomes ever more destroyed. Drool covers her sex glazed face.

10 inches of BBC sink into that ass as Lyla moans gratefully. The bondage keeps her firmly in place and all she can do is wiggle like a cat in heat. Her perfect bubblebutt eats up every inch of the cock as she cums hard, over and over. All the while she is firmly spit roasted with another one in her messy mouth. Not content, we fingerbang her ass until she unleashes a squirting orgasm.

Lyla lies limply in her bondage, completely destroyed and lolling in her own juices. If there ever was a girl that craves destruction by cock, it is this girl. And we love her for it.

Tags: Anal Bondage Fucking, Anal Fingering, Belt Bondage, Big Dick, Black Cock, Blow job, Brown Eyes, Brunette, Cock Sucking, Hispanic, Hispanic Girl Bondage, Long Hair, Natural Breast, Small Tits, Smeared Makeup, Squirt, Squirting, Super Deep Throat


fersoron 12-18-2014 09:36 AM

Title: Dec 17, 2014 - Tommy Pistol, John Strong, Ashlee Graham

Duration: 00:53:48
File size: 589 Mb
Format: mp4

Ashlee Graham wants to be ravaged in style. Adorned with a masquerade mask and escorted to her desired future - Ashlee is brought to a secret BDSM Gentlemen's club. She is undressed, made to crawl around and service all of the cocks in the room. This bedazzled beauty takes it in the pussy, ass and DP! Corporeal, Cock-sucking, and bukkake!


fersoron 12-18-2014 03:49 PM

Title: Dec 15, 2014 - Bonnie Day, Mona Wales

Duration: 00:59:36
File size: 1221 Mb
Format: mp4

"Make yourself comfortable." Never have such simple words come with such a sinister understanding. Bonnie Day is staring at Mona Wales' naked, perfect body, and she is filled with a combination of dread and longing. Mona is known for being a cruel sadist, and Bonnie can already tell that she won't be able to refuse her when she begins to make demands. "Make yourself comfortable," she said. But how can Bonnie be comfortable when she is practically jumping out of her skin with anticipation.

The first demand was simple, all Bonnie had to do was take off her clothes. She was nervous, stripping in front of a beautiful woman who clearly had no problem showing off her own body. But she complied without complaining. It felt good to be nude, even in that chilly room.

It felt even better to submit to the will of another. She heard and she obeyed. She didn't resist or protest. It was easier this way. It felt right. Letting Mona have her way is how Bonnie would be happy. It's how she would be fulfilled.


fersoron 12-18-2014 11:41 PM

Title: Dec 17, 2014 - Mona Wales

Duration: 01:05:57
File size: 722 Mb
Format: mp4

Trained and working as a professional Dominatrix, Mona has carved out a place at the castle as a fierce bitch. The one thing she forgot today was that she wasn't in charge of anything. She is bound in several predicament positions and punished for her smart ass mouth.


fersoron 12-19-2014 02:41 AM

Title: Dec 17, 2014 - Syren de Mer and Alura Jenson

Duration: 01:08:39
File size: 752 Mb
Format: mp4

Alura and Syren are MILF zombies! MILF zombies!! Every time we think we have finished them off and that they could not POSSIBLY cum another ounce or another time, their limp hands start groping again for the cock and sure enough, back into their pussies the dongs go and we are up for another epic fucking. We can honestly and with 100% accuracy say - we have NEVER fucked women this long with machines as we did in the duo Lunchbox fucking set where the girls just. won't. die!!!!!

It's true MILFs do know how to fuck and how to ask for exactly what they want in the sack. I pity the fool who tries to please these ladies with anything short of a robot cock. Oh and they also squirt and Syren fucks a double penetration machine. Yeah, we quit.


fersoron 12-19-2014 12:16 PM

Title: Dec 17, 2014: Blaze-in Bondage | Marley Blaze | Jack Hammer

Duration: 00:45:18
File size: 1278 Mb
Format: mp4

Lots of women just fall apart once they've had a few orgasms. Marley Blaze would love to be able to just relax after feeling the release of climax, but there are a few problems with that plan.

First, and foremost, Jack Hammer has no intention of letting her relax, even before she's cum. If she wants to get off she is going to have to do it while he is whipping her, caning her, flogging her, or otherwise trying to make her miserable. If the vibration is enough to satisfy her through the pain then so be it, but there's no way he's going to make it easy for her.

And then there is her bondage. It isn't just her arms and legs that are trussed up. She has bigger problems than that. The rope around her neck presents a special kind of challenge. As soon as she has experienced that explosive ecstasy all she wants to do is melt into the ropes. Unfortunately there is one around her neck making sure that that isn't possible. If she sags into it too much she is going to have some serious trouble breathing.

Tags: Black Ball Gag, Breast Bondage, Breast Caning, Breast Flogging, Breast Groping, Breast Whipping, Caning, Celebrator, Flogging, Forced Orgasm, Hitachi, Nipple Clamps, Orgasm, Pussy Hook, Pussy Whipping, Ring Gag, Rope Bondage, Rope Gag, Single Tail, Thigh Caning, Whip


fersoron 12-19-2014 04:40 PM

Title: Dec 17, 2014 Marley Blaze | Matt Williams | Jack Hammer

Duration: 00:22:28
File size: 2278 Mb
Format: mp4

Marley Blaze is normally the girl next door. Not today. Today she is our caged sex slave kept in a dungeon. And it is a very good look on her. A thick metal collar is fastened around her pale neck. A leather blindfold cuts off her vision and her exposed cunt peeks though the bars of the cage. She is wearing a tight blue dress, but she will not have that dress on for very long.

We grab our caged pet through the bars, yanking down a strap before cutting it and exposing a perfect natural breast. She startles, unable to see what is happening though her tight blindfold. We add a vibrator to her perfect shaved pussy as she moans with pleasure. Adding a heavy chain to her collar, we pull down our caged pet's mouth hole to cock height before slipping in. Marley's mouth is wet and warm and feels like home.

One after another the cocks reshape her throat as she drools helplessly all over the place. Shifting the angle, we move her onto her back and handcuff her in place before continuing the throat fucking. Our sex slave lies with her head back and her throat opened wide as the training continues. This is what she was made for. Her hair and makeup are destroyed as the dick has its way. 10 inches of BBC owns her throat.

When we have had our fill, we leave our dazed and messy pet twitching on the floor of her cage, a vacant look in her eyes. It is the look of a proper cock slut after you put them through their paces. All dungeons should come with a caged cock slut, shouldn't they?

Tags: Black Cock, Blindfold, Blow job, Brunette, Cage, Chain leash, Deep Throat, Drool, Handcuffs, Hitachi, Interracial, Long Hair, Metal Collar, Natural Breast, Small Tits


fersoron 12-19-2014 07:50 PM

Title: Dec 18, 2014 - Jeze Belle and Boss Bondage

Duration: 00:21:16
File size: 779 Mb
Format: mp4

This tutorial demonstrates deliberate bondage-induced pain and its effect on the human body, both physically and mentally. Rope can be used for great pleasure and for great pain, and can have a transcending effect on the body and mind. Boss Bondage explains these facets and how rope play can blur the line that separates them. The video shows how to safely use different ties, implements, and techniques, as well as using thinner rope and strategically less of it to administer dynamic elements of pain, sensation, control, and even pleasure. Boss describes how there is something very exciting about twisting, contorting, yanking and pulling someone for your own satisfaction. He also covers how this play affects safety.


fersoron 12-20-2014 07:14 AM

Title: An Outstanding Display - Dylan Ryan

Duration: 01:03:12
File size: 725 Mb
Format: mp4

This update stands out in a lot of ways...most obviously, we have Dylan Ryan back again...we don't really see Dylan often enough around here, and when she does show up, we wonder why it's been so long since we last shot her...Dylan is not a small woman, but her body is so feminine and her appeal so soft, it's easy to find yourself stunned that she is as tall as us men...not the Pope, but the average guy...Dylan is so tough and so sincere in her submissiveness and the Pope really puts her through very devious bondage progressions and predicaments...Each scene is a times all you need is the rope to make a model squirm, remain still or beg...the rope becomes the restraint and the implement of torment...the Pope's interest in such things has grown to the point where he is teaching classes and giving demos on rope predicaments that leave many folks awe struck and dying to learn...but you don't teach this stuff...a rope master interprets ideas and draws inspirations and forms his own scenes in his head...and when you have the talent and rigging awareness to pull it off safely, it's quite wicked...That's about as much as I kiss JP's ass, but we are really proud to feature his work...Of course, he's been here since 2004 so we aren't really featuring his work anymore...DungeonCorp is his work...and DungeonCorp is definitely our models...Dylan is serious and experienced enough to allow the Pope to pull off these scenes and still remain truly vulnerable...and kinky enough to respond with crazy, body contorting orgasms...I think it's an outstanding display...


fersoron 12-20-2014 01:32 PM

Title: Dec 19, 2014 - Steve Holmes , Rob Diesel and Bianca Resa

Duration: 00:56:54
File size: 623 Mb
Format: mp4

Beautiful Spanish model Bianca Resa is bound and led through the streets of Madrid to service the public. She is made into a public ashtray that even the police agree is an excellent idea. She is finally tied up and fucked in front of everyone at the local bar.


fersoron 12-20-2014 07:42 PM

Title: Dec 19, 2014 - Mr. Pete and Teanna Trump

Duration: 01:04:08
File size: 702 Mb
Format: mp4

Teanna Trump gets put through her paces by Mr. Pete in this sexually charged bondage and rough sex update.


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